When you tell people, "Don't knock it till you try it," but you never take your own advice. I can safely say I tried it and I didn't knock it. - Lustrous PR
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When you tell people, “Don’t knock it till you try it,” but you never take your own advice. I can safely say I tried it and I didn’t knock it.

When you tell people, “Don’t knock it till you try it,” but you never take your own advice. I can safely say I tried it and I didn’t knock it.

I’ve always lived by the “work hard, play hard” philosophy and this summer is no exception. We’ve been beachside more this summer, than any other summer of our adult lives mainly because we are trying to balance work and fun.  My husband and I seem to fly by the seat of our pants these days when it comes to getting out of town for fun in the sun.  

Between working around the clock for my business, Mr. Darcy’s full time job, as well as, maintaining a side hustle with his best friend (Texas Sugar Daddies), we tend to make plans whenever we can fit them in.  This weekend was one of those weekends. 

Mr. Darcy understands my intrinsic need to be near the ocean (The ocean calls to my soul… it’s very Moana-esque), so he and a few of his friends were googling any vacancies they could find on the coast.  Aren’t they sweet?  Port Aransas had ZERO vacancies, which is awesome to know that they are back in action after Harvey, but really bad for our spontaneous weekend trip.  

But then, Schlitterbahn Corpus Christi popped up, which stopped me in my tracks.  I broke out into a stress sweat, instantly wanted to scream and felt anxiety set in.


Okay so in theory I love all kids and family fun, but in reality the thought of stepping foot in a chaotic water park packed with people, screaming children, long lines, and nasty pool water irritates me to the point of breaking out in hives.  I avoid water parks at all cost! 

However, I was willing to take one for the team because I really just needed a weekend break.  So, Mr. Darcy booked our Schlitterbahn Resort weekend trip… and I said a little prayer! 

I was pleasantly surprised when we drove up and we were only ten minutes away from Port Aransas – this meant we would once again be near the ocean – hallelujah!!!!

Ok it’s going to pour down rain, I am honestly in shock at how much I liked Schlitterbahn… seriously. The check-in was a breeze, the staff was super nice, and our room ended up being a massive suite! While it was only the three of us, it could have slept seven people with the option to open to three adjacent rooms. 

We arrived after the park closed, but the pool was still open with a swim-up bar, however we opted to drive to the beach before the sunset. WHICH WAS WONDERFUL, but I digress.

The next day I prepared myself for full on Schlitterbahn madness.  I was not looking forward to this, however Mr. Darcy planned for the trip knowing how I get, lol, thank God for Mr. Darcy! He booked a cabana by the swim-up bar, which included a bucket of bottled water and dedicated waitstaff for anything we needed.  If I have the opportunity to be a little boujee, I will be, wouldn’t you?  

By 10am I was fully counting down till the entire park became flooded with the masses, I even packed my Ibuprofen just in case, but as time went on the park simply remained pleasant.  The lines weren’t ridiculously long, there was plenty of space in the lazy river to stretch your legs, or flip over without hitting someone and much to my surprise I rarely heard any screaming babies.  It was just a really nice day.  The three of us had a really wonderful day (except for the few times our five year old got a little sassy, but that’s a different story).

The Schlitterbahn staff all seemed to be so happy too! Especially the one lifeguard who laughed while watching me struggle to get out of the tube after a ride that left me a hot mess. But to her defense, I looked like a baby elephant rolling in the mud who couldn’t get up!

Oh and for those of you who enjoy a tasty beverage, the swim up bartenders were fantastic! Try the Mermaid Water, it’ll turn you into a fabulous, but thirsty mermaid. Lol

I have to say, Schlitterbahn Corpus Christi changed my mind, at least about this particular water park.  We will be going again AND taking the whole family! 

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