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The Marketing Head Spin

The Marketing Head Spin

It’s Totally Cheesy Post Tuesday! Is the song stuck in your head yet? ūü§£

In all seriousness, the “Marketing Head Spin,” is a real condition effecting business owners on an international level. ¬†Over the course of my career the same theme keeps coming up, and more often than not, I¬†hear all of our new clients say,

“I don’t have time for marketing, it takes up too much time and I’m not sure what to do next!”

“My content feels boring, I feel like I’m¬†saying the same thing over and over”

“I don’t know what to post about.”

“I just can’t keep up with everything. It’s always changing.”

“I’m trying to run a business and I end up working on marketing for hours, it’s taking away from doing everything else.”

If you find yourself saying this, or anything remotely close to these phrases, and you have not hired someone to help you – you are officially¬†suffering from MHS…

Just call me Dr. Dani – Marketing, Public Relations & Events, M.D. ¬†I’m handing out cures for¬†the common MHS with catchy throwback songs, marketing advice,¬†cheesy humor, and possibly a little sass.

How You Acquired “MHS”

In my opinion, all business owners suffer from the three stages of the “Marketing Head Spin” at one time, or another. ¬†Phase one of MHS ¬†typically starts to creep in¬†due to budget constraints. ¬†Many business owners find themselves trying to weigh out costs – it’s all about the bottom line. ¬†

“Is hiring a marketing consultant, or firm worth it, when I can save money and just do it myself?” ¬†And the answer is ALWAYS, “I can do it myself, because anyone can do marketing! I will save a crap ton of money. I CAN DO IT ALL! “

And so begins the downward spiral towards your stressful, unstable, and extremely exhausting relationship with MHS.

In the beginning you feel a combination of euphoria and complete control because¬†you have it ALL together.¬†¬†You’re learning how to do simple graphic design, scheduling social media posts and making calls for media buys. ¬†You’re making your task list and for the first few weeks you’re slaying this super easy marketing game. You’re a total bad ass! ¬†

Phase Two: When It Starts Spinning Right Round Like A Record

AND THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN… Weeks go by and you’re completely consumed with customers, building your business, running your day-to-day task list, filling out paper work, managing employees, meeting deadlines and trying to stay a float with the 1,000,000 things you have to accomplish. ¬†

At the end of the day you’re scrambling to create ads, work business-to-business deals, hit your target market, design new signage,¬†keep up with social media, slamming your head against the wall because you’re too exhausted to figure out what promotion you’re going to do¬†next, how to update your website, plan your next grass roots marketing effort, develop your next big event to garner more traffic and pr… and then you’re in full MHS mode… ¬†it’s consumed you and you’re head’s spinning, and not in a good way. ¬†

Finding Clarity 

After months of suffering from severe MHS, you realize that multi-tasking is the devil and you, in fact, can’t do it all. ¬†You realize you’re an expert in your own field… not an expert in marketing. ¬†So, you decide to take a break to gain clarity on what to do next – you go for a jog, take your crew to happy hour, go watch a game, or maybe you face plant on to your bed and pass out – tomorrow is a new day. ¬†The next day you wake up and know exactly what to do, the solution was right in front of you the entire time. ¬†You decide you’re doing your business a disservice by not focusing on your expertise – it’s time to work the numbers and find someone to help you get on track, create a strategy and execute the plan. ¬†In the end, the age-old cliche, “You have to spend money, to make money,” is a cliche for a reason. ¬†Once you’re free to focus on your business, and put the right team in place, you’ll finally be free to make it all happen! ¬†Team work, makes the dream work, baby!¬†

Feeling Illuminated

Sometimes all it takes is a fresh perspective and an action-oriented plan to take you to the next level. Allow us to illuminate your vision and make you twirl into your target market, instead of spinning out of control. ¬†MHS is real and can be completely avoided. ¬†The only reason your head should spin is from¬†how much your business is growing! ¬†Contact us today and let’s get to work.

Dani Espinoza, Chief Illuminator

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