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Hello Lustrous!

Hello Lustrous!


aying goodbye to our former name, RMG Partners, was a difficult decision. RMG Partners was the name my mother, Ruth Medellin (whom I lovingly call Mama Ruth), gave to our business many moons ago. It’s her namesake, legacy, blood, sweat, tears, and creativity. My mom is truly a bad ass. Her hustle, drive, unwavering optimism and creativity made RMG Partners an incredible business. I’ve been proud to work with her in growing our company.

Earlier this year Mama Ruth was sought out for a greater purpose – helping raise money for disabled children on an international level.  She was called to do something so incredible that she decided to go all in! Mama Ruth left me, her one and only daughter, the business to carry on our legacy. This year has been an interesting journey, new clients, a new attitude and finally the decision to create a new brand.

Why Lustrous?

The name sounds funny or slightly pervie to people who do not know it’s definition, but at its core it means luminous, radiant, brilliant, shining and splendid. All of these adjectives describe the woman who started our business…Mama Ruth. While the name has changed, the legacy remains.

Re-branding has truly been a fresh start. We have new a vision, a new team, a new attitude and exciting news to announce in the next few months. Some things still remain the same – we’re still addicted all things creative, putting the sizzle into our work through real action, dancing it out to serious jams when we’re in a jam, celebrating Champagne Fridays and loving our clients like family.

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