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Don Chelada – Boosting Our Bevies and Curing that Post Party Feeling

Don Chelada – Boosting Our Bevies and Curing that Post Party Feeling


We were recently invited to a private blogger event by the Social Butterfly Gal, Christina Ochoa, to preview Don Chelada’s tasty products at local hot spot Soluna.  We are in LOVE with the Lemon Lime mix! Our taste buds burst with happiness and the pre-prepped seasoned dressed mega rim not only made our live easier, but made our heart leap with joy. The dressed mega rim lasts for two beers! You might be asking yourself “What’s the Mega Rim?”  It’s tasty heaven comprised of chile powder, lemon powder, sea salt, chili powder, sugar, pepper, citric acid and a tad bit of an anti-
clumping agent called silicon dioxide.

We also loved the fact that they are a local San Anto business stimulating our local economy and spreading the michelada img_0501madness not just locally, but across the nation.  Don Chelada is in 489 stores across the country from Texas to the Washington-Canada border.  The other northern and eastern states are still trying to catch up with the rest of us, but we are certain they will jump on the Don Chelada train soon. They’re missing out, Don Chelada cups make dressing up your beer a breeze and tasting delicious!  It’s a pretty great set-up.  Cups are $1.50, they are pre-dressed and have the tasty michelada mix packaged inside the cup so you can control how much mix you want in your beer.  If you’d rather go for a liquid mix, Don C has a pre-mixed bottle of liquid  deliciousness too!  But we’re diggin’ on the cups, so let’s jump into how it’s done the Don Chelada way.


Pour you beer into the cup (our fave is Dos XX).

Add in your Don Chelada mix. 

–        We added more limes mainly because we are addicted to limes and love it as a garnish

Stir, Lick the Mega Rim and Drink!  

Once it hits your lips you’re hooked! Don’t freak out if you start to resemble Don Chelada – the mustache only appears in photos of Don Chelada happiness!
Don Chelada cups are perfect for any occasion whether it be by the beach, pool, tailgating, backyard bbq, or an after work drinkipoo. It’s incredibly convenient and delicious.  Don C cups can be found at Wal-mart and convenient stores

Now if we could just party with the man with the stache – it would complete our Don Chelada experience!

Click Here Learn more about Don Chelada 


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