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Living Out Loud

Living Out Loud

Over the last few years I’ve become more and more comfortable with my personal brand.  When I first started in this business, I worked with my mom, an incredibly strong woman and inspiration.  Her goal was to form a traditional agency with a professional, corporate brand, where as I have always been a little more untraditional.  So naturally when she gave me the business I decided to change things up, but I found it difficult to find my voice.

I tried to remain in the traditional space of our former brand, with a corporate feel and huge goals of owning an office and managing a ton of employees, working the big accounts, being in the spotlight, winning awards and being the “it” agency.  As time went on I learned so much about myself and how my goals were absolutely ridiculous – for me.  I wasn’t the same person I was when I first started.  I worked in the trenches with anyone who would work with me, I allowed myself to be taken advantage of because I felt like I had to constantly prove myself. I had a family to provide for and I was NOT going to fail.  I allowed people to take credit for my work and ideas.  The good, bad and crazy life of working through the constant ups and downs of entrepreneur life, and striving to reach these insane goals was slowly chipping away at my soul.  I didn’t know who I was anymore.

So one night I just sat down and sobbed in front of my computer.  Mr. Darcy, my rock of a husband, and tempestuous best friend, sat me down and said, “What do YOU want to do? What do YOU want out of this business?”  I never once thought about what I wanted, because I was always in survival mode.  It was time to re-evaluate what the hell I was doing.  I was an entrepreneur after all, I was in control of my own business, right?

What did I want?  I wanted a life that was not solely about working for survival, I wanted to thrive beautifully – on my terms.  I wanted to work with like-minded clients.  I wanted to connect people, because there IS space for everyone and when we work together we can accomplish whatever we want.  I wanted to be myself and to be the best version of myself… not just for me, but for my daughter.  I knew if I finally allowed myself to be me, to transcend my inner happiness, free spirit, strong will and creativity into my work, I would at last be the woman I knew I could be and my daughter would know she never has to stifle hers.

It’s taken time, but I’ve finally figured it out.  And I’m making it happen.  I’m working with incredible entrepreneurs from the medical industry, to fashion, the arts, restauranteurs and more.  I’m #blessed, lol, it’s a cliche, but I am.  I work like crazy, but the big difference between then and now, is that my company is now a true reflection of who I am; a vivaciously happy, colorful, creative, hard-working, connector, a passionate mother and wife living life on my terms, and I’m making my own rules.  I’m not worried about being the “it” girl anymore, winning awards, or being on top of the San Antonio social scene.  I’m more focused on authentic relationships and working towards being great at what I do and who I do it for…

I was once half of a dynamic duo with my amiga Janeli, on the Esposa Experience blog/vlog where we let it all hang out; motherhood, entrepreneur life and San Antonio love, but it was time for her to take her blog back and use her platform to tell her beautiful story.  I now find myself missing the platform where I can express my love of writing about my entrepreneurial experiences and sharing my creative side… sssssoooooooooo I’m merging my lifestyle with my business because my business is my brand.

I believe I can use my platform to positively support other women in business, mommas hustlin’ to make things happen and just express what is to be a thirty-something entrepreneur sashaying through life with amazing clients, the tempestuous Mr. Darcy, my fair-haired angel, gorgeously head strong mama and a cast of characters you’ll have to meet to believe.

– Dani… be Bold

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